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How to Repair a Leaky Rain Gutter

How to Repair a Leaky Rain Gutter

Leaking rain gutters can be a frustration, but even worse can result in water damage to your home as seen in this video.

The two part Leak Stopper Rubber Flexx system (Liquid Rubber Coating and Waterproof Tape) are demonstrated in this video.  The application is straightforward.  Surface preparation is essential – the rain gutter must be clean, free of debris, and fully dry for the Rubber Flexx to properly adhere.

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I was pleased with how easily this product can be installed and that having both the tape and liquid coating provides two layers of waterproof protection. The liquid coating is available in clear, white, or grey colors to easily match most gutters.

The waterproof tape and liquid coating work together in a two part system for best results. The waterproof tape is just that – a super sticky waterproof tape that sticks to just about anything. Once it’s installed, the liquid coating can be brushed on top as a second layer of waterproof protection. This product can also be used on many different surfaces.

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