TomhawkDIY, LLC is a business dedicated to helping people Build Better Lives™. A substantial portion of revenue is given to organizations that focus on helping people Build Better Lives™ in some of earths most dire circumstances. Support is given for people that lack basics many in the developed world take for granted – water, shelter, medical care, education, and employment opportunities. This mission is funded through revenue from advertising, affiliate links, and support of the YouTube channel and this website. The information provided demonstrates household repairs, do-it-yourself projects, and reviews products that may help people in the developed world Build Better Lives™ while in turn helping those in dire circumstances Build Better Lives™.

$8,745 Raised since 2015.  

Causes supported thus far:

TomahawkDIY got its start when Mike Wessman, Founder, spent hours figuring out how to repair a washing machine and posted two videos on YouTube in 2009. Two years later, he returned to the videos and was astounded to find that tens of thousands had found the information helpful. This spawned a passion for helping others through demonstrating household repairs, do-it-yourself projects, and reviewing products. In 2015, Mike expanded the mission of TomahawkDIY to help people Build Better Lives™ by donating to meaningful causes for people that have more dire problems than the “first world problems” being solved through TomahawkDIY.

Sources of inspiration for expanding the mission of TomahawkDIY.com to Build Better Lives™ in 2015 include:
40 Chances
Nuru International

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